In a remarkable display of professional innovations, INVT Electric Vehicle Drive Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd (referred as INVT E-mobility) showcases its e-mobility solutions on EV motor controllers, on-board power systems, and EV chargers at Stand H1-C006 in Solutrans 2023, the prestigious international transportation exhibition held at Lyon Eurexpo from November 21st to 25th. Presenting the e-mobility solutions more catering to the European market requirements, it was a great success of the event, unveiling INVT E-mobility’s fasten paces in its global.


Strategic Product Offerings

During the expo, INVT E-mobility highlighted two main product lines EV drive controllers and EV chargers. Recognized as one of the top EV drive controller suppliers in China, INVT E-mobility now provides EV drive controllers catering to the European market’s needs. Notable highlights featured the next-generation MGTCU, a pioneering multi-functional hybrid product for passenger vehicles. The advanced EV motor controller with GVD series are also well presented, which is tailored for the logistics vehicle industry, and the highly anticipated ER30, E11K, NAVARA, and TX5 models.


Solutions of EV charging were also highlighted in the event. INVT E-mobility provides EV chargers solutions from 3kW to 480kW. For residential application, INVT E-mobility showcased AC Wallbox Home (7kW-22kW) , a home charger with Level 2 charging, prioritizing safety with Dynamic Load Balancing and protection measures. For the commercial application, AC Wallbox Commercial (22kW) and DC fast chargers (30-180kW) were presented. The DC fast charger is a highly competitive supporting three outlets, emphasizing adaptability and scalability with modular design.


Global Reach and Collaborations:

Building on its success in the domestic market, INVT E-mobility demonstrates its determination to global development. The company’s foray into international markets was emphasized, with strategic partnerships with leading enterprises in the transportation sector. INVT E-mobility’s collaboration with prominent companies such as Dongfeng and Geely showcased its prowess in meeting the diverse needs of global clients.